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Shaun Rogers, NY Giants player, robbed at Fontainebleau Hotel of almost $500K in jewelry, he says

Shaun Rogers NFL /via Getty Images and CBS New York
(CBS) MIAMI BEACH - New York Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers apparently let his defenses down and became the victim of a nearly half-million dollar jewelry heist in a posh South Florida hotel, CBS Miami reported.

Rogers told police he left his room and went to a club with some friends during a recent night out while he was staying at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach . There, Rogers and company allegedly met a woman who went back to his room with the group after dawn, according to police.

According to CBS Miami, Rogers said he put the jewelry in the room safe, the party continued, and he fell asleep. He told police that when he awoke, the woman from the night before was gone. Then he tried he tried to get back into the safe.

No luck.

Hotel security came to the room and pried open the safe, which, according to Rogers, was missing the following items: Diamond earrings worth $100,000; two watches worth a combined $160,000; a gold necklace with gold pendant worth $50,000; gold bracelets worth $60,000; and a diamond Cuban necklace with a gold pendant worth $70,000.

Grand total, $440,000. Another giant loss for Rogers, who didn't play last season because of an injury.