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Sharon Osbourne: Life with Ozzy is "better than ever"

Sharon Osbourne kicked off 2014 with some good news -- her daytime TV show, CBS' "The Talk," was just renewed until 2015 and life with husband Ozzy Osbourne is on the up and up.

The couple, who have been married since 1982, have been plagued by marital troubles through the years, leading to speculation last year about a split. That came to a head last year when Osbourne opened up about her husband’s drug and alcohol battle, saying she was "devastated."

But things are now back on track, she says.

"It's better than ever. It’s absolutely better than ever…My husband will be sober for a year. It's just been amazing," Osbourne, 61, told CBS News. "We had an amazing time together."

Osbourne, meanwhile, says she's also had a new perspective on things ever since her son, Jack Osbourne, learned he had multiple sclerosis in 2012. "Your appreciation of life changes dramatically. You appreciate what you have in life -- your friends, your family and it makes you rethink things," she said.

No longer a judge on "America's Got Talent" (she left in the show in 2012 after four seasons), Osbourne admits that she does miss the series these days. "Yeah, I do. I loved loved doing the show," she said. "I think the concept of the show is great. I loved doing it."

But one gig she continues to maintain is her co-hosting job on "The Talk" where she sits alongside Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood.

"It's a great platform and we get the opportunity to meet so many interesting people every single day," she said. "It's amazing the people that we get to meet doing this job and that is fantastic…I don’t look at it as a job, you know?"

She also continues to be a spokesperson for Atkins, something she’s done since following the low-carb diet and weight loss plan. 

The TV star came to the diet after trying plenty of other tactics -- some of them extreme. "I didn't eat once for 30 days. All I had was protein powder. That was two years ago," she said, adding, "I've done fruit diets, vegetable diet. I even had surgery. I had a band in my stomach. I lost weight. I couldn't maintain it and I found out that if you drink you can eat what you want because it loosens the band. So there was a way around that…People will always find a way around whatever. And I did. I had terrible reflux with the band..and I had to have removed."

But her latest regime has been working so far: "I was just about to turn 60 and I had literally tried everything else. Things had worked, but there was no way of maintaining the weight. This was not just a diet, but a lifestyle change…It's not that restricting...You never feel deprived. When you go out into a restaurant or somebody's home for dinner there's always something there for you to eat...You live a normal life," she said.

One thing that remains top priority is staying active. "You got to move," Osbourne said. "If you don't have time to go to a gym, then walk. Don't take the elevator -- walk. It's very important to do that -- and that's the lifestyle change part of it...It's so easy to park in the nearest spot at the supermarket. Stop all of that. Park the furthest away so you can walk. It all adds up."

Osbourne says she's feeling good these days and although she’s been very candid about undergoing cosmetic surgery in the past -- even documenting it in her autobiography -- she doesn't plan to get anything else done, at least at this point.

"You never say never, but right now I think I'm the best I’m going to be as far as looks," she said. "This is it. There's nothing else I could have done. I'm happy where I am right now."

As for other projects, Osbourne is keeping an open mind. "That's what so great in life. You never know," she said.