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Shark found in N.H. woods - is it a crime?

Blue shark found in the New Hampshire woods, Thursday, August 4, 2011 Milton, N.H. Police/WBZ

(CBS/APWBZ) MILTON, N.H. - Land shark!

It's not certain there was a crime committed, but somehow a 6-to-8 foot blue shark wound up in the woods in the small town of Milton, N.H., about 45 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

Police say they found the 6- to 8-foot shark in a wooded area Thursday night after a resident reported smelling something decomposing.

The man who found the shark believes it was caught in the Atlantic, but was probably discarded because the fisherman didn't have had a license for ocean fishing, reported CBS affiliate WBZ.

Police and Fish and Game officials decided to leave the shark where it was dumped and let nature take its course.