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Share Outlook Calendars with Your Team Even without an Exchange Server

If you already run Outlook with Exchange Server, you know how convenient it is to share calendars across your entire team. But if your company hasn't deployed Exchange, it can be really challenging for everyone to stay in sync, since Outlook on its own can't share calendar or appointment information. Here's a free solution that can help your team work together more effectively.

NetCalendars from CodeTwo is a shared calendar program that lets everyone on the same network share appointment information. The program is a godsend for anyone who needs to collaborate on a shoestring budget: It lets you create events, invite attendees, view, and edit events. And all of those events are fully compatible with Outlook and appear in your own Outlook calendar. It works great, without resorting to a funky Web app startup that offers cloud-based online scheduling.

The program is handy not just for overall appointment management, but you can use it to plan and assign tasks and resources across the team, book shared resources, and even synchronize work with remote offices.

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