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Share Files Online with Business-Friendly Pogoplug Biz

A longtime favorite gizmo of mine, the clever Pogoplug turns USB drives into network-attached, Internet-accessible storage.

Last year's version was shockingly (almost annoyingly) pink, but the new Pogoplug Biz comes dressed for the office in buttoned-down black. Even better, it offers a wealth of business-friendly new features, including:

  • Customization: You can customize the Pogoplug interface to include your company logo and domain. You can also brand the e-mails that are sent when you share files.
  • Custom E-mail Addresses: The service provides custom e-mail addresses that allow clients and customers to e-mail files directly to your Pogoplug. You can create an unlimited number of custom upload folders and give them each a unique e-mail address.
  • Protected Sharing: Share viewable files online while preventing them from being downloaded. That's perfect for creative types who want to show clients previews of work while keeping the files protected.
  • Remote Backup: You can continuously mirror all or part of your Pogoplug storage to a second Pogoplug in a remote location. For example: one at the office, another at the home office.
Like its predecessor, the Pogoplug Biz supports up to four external hard drives. You can access your data from just about anywhere using any number of methods (Web browser, cell phone, etc.), and even stream media like music and movies.

The question is whether the aforementioned new features are worth a significantly higher price. While the original Pogoplug still sells for $129, the Pogoplug Biz well set you back $299.

I think that's reasonable for any SMB, especially considering how cheap USB hard drives are these days. (It's easy to find 1-terabyte drives selling for under $100, for example.) If you're a one- or two-person shop, however, you can probably get by with the original Pogoplug -- assuming you can stomach the color, that is.