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Sexy Sanitizers Help Combat H1N1 in Style

Not surprisingly, fears over H1N1 has caused a surge in hand sanitizer sales, so much so that popular brand names, like Victoria's Secret and even Ed Hardy have created lines of designer hand sanitizers.

CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton shared some sexy hand sanitizer samples with The Early Show co-anchors.

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According to Ashton, as long as the hand sanitizers have 60 percent alchohol in them, they will fight off germs.

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Here's a list of some sexy hand sanitizers on the market:

• Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer: 8 oz./$3.00
• Victoria's Secret Hand Sanitizer: 4.2 oz./$8.00
• Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer: 8 oz. / $8.00
• Frais Hand Sanitizer: 15 oz. / $29.00
• EO Hand Sanitizer: 8 oz. / $9.99
• Jao Hand Sanitizer: 8 oz. / $9.00

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