Sexy Mannequins Too Hot for Arizona? Used Car Dealer Could Get Busted

(The Arizona Republic)
AutoMart owner Tracy Tingue has been using provocative mannequins to sell cars.

PHOENIX (CBS/AP) They are dumb, chesty, and ready to sell cars.

But are they legal?

That is the question as two well-endowed mannequins are getting a Phoenix-area used car dealer in trouble with the law.

Arizona AutoMart owner Tracy Tingue attracts attention with a pair of sign-holding dummies. He dresses them in revealing outfits from a nearby thrift store and even puts flowing skirts on them when it's windy.

But not everyone is amused and some residents have complained to a Chandler, Ariz. city code enforcer, who gave Tingue notice this week that the mannequin matter has been forwarded to the city prosecutor for possible criminal misdemeanor charges.

No, it's not a public nudity concern.

The mannequins are considered "temporary signs" that don't have a permit and don't fit the categories approved under Chandler municipal law, which allows banners and placards that promote grand openings, real estate sales and special events.

Tingue says he has retained an attorney and has no intention of taking down his "girls."

"Sex sells cars," Tingue said to the The Arizona Republic.

"People notice the girls. I've watched people drive buy and whistle or say, 'Hey,baby'... I spent $700 on the girls and they don't talk back," Tingue said to the paper.

If he's prosecuted, Tingue could face a maximum $2,500 fine or six months in jail. The city also could confiscate the mannequins.

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