Severe storms tear through Midwest

STAFFORDSVILLE, Ky. -- At least two are dead, six others missing in floods caused by severe storms that tore through Kentucky overnight. Authorities began a door to door search Tuesday for people who might be trapped.

The quickly-rising flood waters swept away homes and changed lives. Josh Hitchcock filmed a house slamming into a bridge moments after he watched the raging waters of Big Mud Lick take his own home.

Doris Harding CBS News

Hitchcock says in a matter of seconds his house was moved about 125 feet down stream. His family made it out okay.

As many as 50 houses in a nearby mobile home park were also destroyed, including Doris Harding's.

"This was the worst day ever of my life," said Harding. "I lost everything that I had, everything."

Across the Midwest, floodwaters tossed aside cars as if they weighed nothing, and mowed down decades-old trees.

A car damaged by severe storms CBS News

The line of fierce storms dumped four inches of rain in a single hour in Kentucky and spawned tornadoes in Kansas. In Indiana, rivers overflowed their banks.

Search crews continue to look for the missing along the rugged creek banks and Appalachian hillsides in Johnson County, Kentucky. Some survivors had to be rescued from the trees they climbed to safety.

More rain is predicted for Tuesday night, further complicating the already difficult search. Authorities are urging all residents to move to higher ground as more flooding is possible.