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Seven Productive Uses for Text Messaging

google-sms.jpgI know countless people who never bother to send text messages from their cell phones. Some think it's a waste of time, something only teens do, while others either don't know how or don't see the value. For all those folks, Web Worker Daily offers seven ways to improve your productivity through text messaging. A few examples:

  • Read your voice mail. Get the gist of a voicemail message by SMS with CallWave's Vtxt service, free while it's in beta. You won't get an exact transcription -- less important comments like "hello" and "ummmm" will be left out -- but that keeps the message down to about the size of a text message.
  • Get email by text message. All the carriers offer email gateways to SMS. Figure out what yours is and you can forward selected email to your phone. If you want to get certain urgent emails, you can tell the senders to put a code word into the subject and use a filter to send only those messages to SMS.
  • Arrange a meetup. Use Dodgeball or Twitter to tell colleagues and friends when and where to get together. Great for when you're at a conference and don't know who might be looking to grab lunch or a drink.
Some pretty impressive stuff, no? Of course, the author also mentions one of my all-time favorites, Google SMS. Check out the list, then report back and tell us about your favorite text-messaging tricks.
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