Senator who suffered stroke highlights recovery in new video

(CBS News) Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., released a new video updating his recovery from a January stroke Friday, highlighting the junior senator's rehabilitation and the work he has been able to do from his home.

The video, posted on the senator's YouTube account, features Kirk talking about the progress he has made as well as video of his improved mobility. One accomplishment Kirk specifically pointed out was when he climbed every story of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago building.

"The progress I have made has been very encouraging, learning to walk again and improving my speaking skills."

"I want to thank the people of Illinois for their patience with this patient." Kirk says in the video. He notes that he has been able to do congressional work at home, and has even had fellow congress members come visit him to discuss issues.

Kirk had not posted a video update of his progress since May 8, and "wanted to make sure that we could update the people of Illinois on my progress against the stoke, and provide regular updates."

The video highlights that on July 12 Kirk was able to walk without a cane or harness, on July 16 his arm mobility was improving and on July 26 his walking speed was improving. Kirk is seen drinking from a coffee cup with no problem in the video.

Kirk shot the video in his library and said it is "very good to be at home, out of an institution."

This is Kirk's second video update, the first coming in May in which he talked about his rehab to that point and said he "can't wait to get back to work."

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