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See the first trailer for sequel "Men in Black: International"

It's been six years since "Men in Black 3," but that doesn't mean they've shirked their duties protecting the world from nefarious aliens. The first trailer has dropped for "Men in Black: International," the fourth installment in the franchise, and the latest "MIB" will have plenty of girl power in it. 

The new trailer shows Tessa Thompson's character's induction as Agent M. Emma Thompson's Agent O asks her skeptically, "You really think a black suit is going to solve all your problems?" 

Tessa Thompson's character responds, "Er, no, but looks damn good on you," as she learns about the world of the secret Men in Black agents. In the trailer, agents reveal that there are new threats in London. Tessa Thompson's character teams up with Chris Hemsworth's Agent H, who is perhaps a bit lazy, as they try to save the world. 

The sci-fi comedy franchise kicked off in 1997 with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as its stars. Since then, a few things have stayed the same: secret agents still use a neuralyzer to wipe the memory of witnesses, and extraterrestrials are still as mouthy as ever. 

Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani and Liam Neeson also star in the sequel. 

"Iron Man" writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway wrote the screenplay for the latest "Men in Black" sequel, loosely adapted from the Aircel Comics series of the same name.

MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL - Official Trailer by Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube
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