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Secrets For A Healthy Marriage

Drs. Henry and Ella Mitchell travel from pulpit to pulpit across the country, but the gospel is not their only message.

On a recent Sunday at Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, it was the Mitchells' marriage that impressed a couple of young newlyweds.

They've detailed it all in a new autobiography, Together for Good: Lessons from Fifty-Five Years of Marriage, and share their wisdom on The Early Show.

Henry and Ella Mitchell kiss a lot, dress alike and finish each other's sentences. But they say those factors are not key to their healthy loving marriage. Having the same values and pursuing the same goals are, the couple says.

Even though they come from different backgrounds and do not always agree on certain issues, the Mitchells say they have never had serious fights.

Most people argue often about kids and money, they note, but having the same religious values made their choices easy to make.

Together for Good: Lessons from Fifty-Five Years of Marriage

The idea to reveal the secrets of their healthy and vibrant marriage came from their friends, who after hearing their stories encouraged them to put them in writing.

They also include a chapter, "Together in Tragedy," describing the illness and death of their eldest son.

Often times the death of a child makes the parents more distant from each other. But their believe in God, the teachings of the Bible and their commitment to help each other out enabled them to come out it even stronger, they say.

Their frequent advice to couples is avoid being self-centered and instead focus on giving to one another and learning to communicate more, they say.

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