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Secret Preparations For Jenna's Wedding

In the heart of Texas this evening the president's daughter Jenna Bush is marrying her longtime boyfriend Henry Hager. But while signs of the nuptials are popping up all around Crawford, there is little that can be seen from outside the Western White House.

CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella reports that press is not allowed onto the ranch this morning, at least not without an invite to the wedding. "I keep asking and, darn it, can't get an invitation," Cobiella said on CBS' Early Show.

People in Crawford won't see much of Jenna and Hager, either, although a lucky few did catch a glimpse of the motorcade pulling into a nearby town for a rehearsal dinner and a Texas-sized celebration with all 200 wedding guests.

Today there's a barbeque lunch on the ranch, then President Bush will walk his daughter down the aisle this evening at an outdoor ceremony as 200 relatives and friends looking on. Wedding time weather: partly cloudy and 91 degrees. (Hey, it's Texas.)

The White House won't say who is on the guest list, however. In fact, most of the wedding is being treated like a state secret.

The attire? A White House spokesperson said he wasn't sure, but would look into it. The menu? The press was told that Jenna wanted to keep the menu private because she wants to surprise her guests.

So far, so good, said Cobiella.

CBS News correspondent Julie Mason reports that trying to cover this wedding "is like trying to cover something behind the Iron Curtain."

But for a White House well-practiced at keeping things secret, a surprising note is that, according to Mason, "if it was up to President Bush, he'd blab the whole thing. He keeps giving up more and more details while his staffers keep stonewalling."

What facts have been leaked include the following: The ceremony will take place outside near a man-made lake on the ranch. The bride will be wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress, while her sister Barbara, her single bridesmaid, wears blue.

The somewhat casual atmosphere at the president's residence - they're calling it a Texas house party - is due to Jenna's desire to not want the formality of a White House wedding.

"Jenna and Barbara never actually lived in the house," said Mason. "It is not home to them. They're more Texas girls and Texas style.

"The wedding is being described as more casual. Even last night for the rehearsal dinner, the dress code was 'jacket, no tie.' It is in keeping with the how the Bushes live, [their] ranch lifestyle. It is not 'White House fancy.'"

The guest list is still secret, with staffers demonstrating their loyalty to Laura Bush's desire for privacy. "She doesn't like to share anything about her children," Mason said. "They've be raised in this 'cone of silence' until about a year and a half ago. We never even heard Jenna's voice publicly until she started doing her book tours."

We do know this much: The bride had her final fitting Friday afternoon. Well, a bride. Nora Bartosh, who was married to law enforcement officer Darrell Bartosh, picked May 10 for a church wedding six years ago, back when Jenna Bush was still in college. And whose wedding will take precedence tomorrow?

"Probably hers," Bartosh said.

That's because Bartosh's groom works for the sheriff's department. When the president is visiting town, every officer is on stand-by.

Darrell's boss has assured Nora that Darrell will be at the wedding and will not be called away.

Meanwhile, for those without an invitation to the Bush family affair, the local Chamber of Commerce has planned it own reception for tourists: Cake and punch on the main street.