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Search continues for Craig Strickland, family is "hurting"

The family members and friends of country music singer Craig Strickland are still searching for him after he went missing on Saturday during a hunting trip.

Cross Church Minister Greg Jones released a statement to ET on Tuesday, saying, "The Stricklands are dealing with a traumatic situation as a result are hurting but their faith and resolve remains strong." ET reports that nearly 100 people attended a vigil on Tuesday night at Cross Church to pray for the Stricklands.

On Tuesday, Craig's Backroad Anthem bandmate, Toby Freeman, told People that Craig's dog had been found safe and sound.

"Craig's dog being found alive is a very good sign," said Freeman. "That's a piece of hope that we're actually clinging on to."

Meanwhile, the Stricklands and their friends have been praying together and clinging to hope that Craig has survived as the search continues.

Craig went missing after he and his friend Chase Morland went duck hunting during winter storm Goliath in Oklahoma. The two took a boat out to Kay County, Oklahoma, which was found capsized. Police later located Morland's body.

Craig's wife Helen Strickland thanked people for their prayers on Twitter: "We are overwhelmed with the love and prayers we have received."