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Scrambled Jets, Sonic Booms After Obama's Airspace Violated

An F-15 Eagle U.S. fighter jet. AP

Fighter jets were scrambled this afternoon after a small private sea plane violated restricted airspace during President Obama's visit to Seattle today, causing sonic booms that could be heard throughout the region.

The event was a routine violation of a temporary flight restriction and the plan landed even before the fighters were scrambled, according to the Secret Service.

The violation appears to have been a routine mistake, not a threat, though Secret Service agents have been dispatched to interview the airplane's pilot.

KIRO in Seattle reports that the two sonic booms rattled windows in a wide area of Western Washington.

The military told the Associated Press that the jets were sent from Portland. They were reportedly F-15 fighters.

The president was in Seattle to campaign for Democratic Sen. Patty Murray.

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