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Scott Stapp turns to crowdsourcing to raise money for new album

Just days after Scott Stapp posted an alarming, rambling 15-minute video about his troublesome financial situation, the rocker is attempting to raise funds for a third solo album and a novel.

The Creed singer is looking to crowdsource $480,000 via Fundly for both projects.

"Raising funds 4solo album #3. Using same team, Howard Bensen (Producer) & Chris Lord-Alge (Mix). At the same time, my first book in the fiction category. Need 2fund both projects," he writes on the page.

Looks like he has a far way to go; at last check, he raised just $582. On the bright side, the fundraising initiative goes for another 119 days, so there's still time to reach his goal.

Stapp made headlines last week after posting a video in which he talks about being homeless (living out of his truck and at a Holiday Inn) and going two days without food. He claims the IRS froze his accounts and that a lot of money has been stolen from him with royalties going unpaid.

Two more videos followed, including one posted on Thanksgiving Day. They have since been removed from Stapp's Facebook page, but other users copied the clips before they were deleted. In the newest videos, he talks about business managers "taking advantage of him."

"I was pretty tired when I did that last post...As you probably know, more information has been put out on me. Texts that I didn't write, you know more lies," he said.

Stapp's wife, Jaclyn, filed for divorce last month after eight years of marriage and two kids together.

TMZ reports that Jaclyn filed legal documents last week requesting a judge commit Stapp to a mental facility. According to the site, Jaclyn and her mother say Stapp has been leaving messages, claiming his son's school is going to be attacked by ISIS. This comes after he was reportedly put on a three-day psychiatric hold.

Scott Stapp breathes new life into solo album

The Grammy winner said in his first video posted last week that despite reports, he's not on drugs. The 41-year-old singer has battled addiction in the past, but appeared to be living a clean life in recent years. During a visit to CBS News in October 2013, Stapp talked about his recovery and commitment to stay sober.

" I'm just thankful to God and my wife Jaclyn and my family for pulling me out and pulling me through...What was so dark has now become something that gave me purpose," he said.

Stapp released a new solo album last year on Wind-up Records and published an autobiography in 2012.

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