Scott Pelley reflects on Walter Cronkite's legacy

Pelley on Cronkite
Pelley on Cronkite 06:04

Walter Cronkite, the legendary “CBS Evening News” anchor and broadcasting titan, was born 100 years ago Friday. 

Walter Cronkite's 100th 01:14

Once called “the most trusted man in America,” Cronkite took to the airwaves during some of the most important events in modern history, from the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., to the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Current “Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley counts Cronkite as one of his largest influences. 

“We think about Walter every day,” Pelley said. “Very often in these few years that I’ve been anchoring the broadcast, we’ve often asked ‘What would Walter do?’”

“By asking that question, it is essentially shorthand for ‘How can we make this story right?’”

For more of Pelley’s thoughts on Cronkite, watch the video above.