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Scientists discover largest dinosaur ever to have walked the earth

Scientists announced the newest find in the field of paleontology with the discovery of fossils of the giant titanosaur, believed to be the biggest creature ever to walk the earth
Scientists discover giant dinosaur fossils in Argentina 01:29

Scientists in Argentina have announced the biggest discovery ever made in the field of paleontology. Literally the biggest.

Bones were found of a dinosaur believed to have been the largest creature ever to walk the earth.

To get a sense of how big the titanosaur was you have to look at its thigh bone next to scientist Diego Pol, one of the lead paleontologists on the dig. The team began uncovering the fossilized remains of this new species of titanosaur last January in Argentina.

Paleontologist Diego Pol lies next to the titanosaur's thigh bone

"We are really, really excited about this discovery," he said.

Pol said the titanosaurs roamed the earth about 90 million years ago.

Standing with its long neck up, the dinosaur would go head-to-head with a seven-story building and weigh 77 tons. That's equal to about 14 adult elephants.

The team measures the titanosaur's bone

"And now we have discovered over 200 bones of a completely new species and therefore we will be able to study how these animals grew, how these animals moved on Earth," Pol said.

The fossils were first discovered by a local farmer in 2012.

The new species still doesn't have a name but it will likely honor the area in which it was found and of course, the size of the dinosaur.

The titanosaur was as tall as a seven-story building
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