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School bus stolen for Philadelphia joyride

The bus stops here: Philadelphia police say three teens who stole a school bus Monday afternoon were unable to negotiate a turn in the Kensington neighborhood, the fled on foot. CBS Philly

(CBS) PHILADELPHIA - It was a school bus joyride that made a lot of folks unhappy.

Philadelphia police say three teenagers got behind the wheel of a bus parked near the driver's home, hot-wired the ignition, and took off. The driver and her family were attending a funeral at the time, according to CBS Philly.

The driver's daughter, Malika Hunter said, "We started driving see if we could locate the bus."

They could not, but police did find it about a mile from the lot where Hunter's mother parked the bus.

"My mom had the keys on her. They hot-wired the bus," Hunter said.

Eyewitnesses later told police they saw three black teenage boys jump out of the bus and run away, after they failed to negotiate a turn, CBS Philly reported. Eyewitnesses initially thought the boys were getting dropped off but when the bus just sat in the middle of the intersection, they realized something was up.

Hunter added, "I'm in shock because I never thought nobody would steal a school bus. What would you get out of taking a school bus?"

That's a question police will ask when they track down whoever did this. Most are grateful no one got hurt but the Hunter family isn't ready to forgive just yet.

"You're interfering with somebody's life. Y'all saw it as a joyride but that's somebody's way of living. What they did, we do not appreciate it at all and I hope they really do find who did this," Hunter added.

The bus belongs to a private charter bus company.

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