Schieffer to host Google Hangout on Thursday


At 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 5 go to Face the Nation's Google+ Page for the inaugural Face the Nation Google+ Hangout On Air.

Bob Schieffer will sit down with Jason Illian, founder of GodTube and current CEO of Rethink Books, Bobby Gruenewald, Innovation Leader at LifeChurch.TV, Rabbis Laura Baum and Robert Barr of and Sarah Pulliam Bailey, the online editor at Christianity Today and a contributor to

They'll talk about the intersection of faith and the Internet. How does social media affect their own faith? How does it change how they interact with their faith community? What unique challenges come from having a virtual faith community, and what are the benefits?

This is the first in a series of Google+ Hangouts that "Face the Nation" will host in a groundbreaking new partnership between CBS News and Google as a way to expand the discussion of "Face the Nation" past Sunday and into the week - and onto the internet. The Hangout will take place online on the Face the Nation Google+ page, and you can watch the whole discussion there. On Easter Sunday, tune into "Face the Nation" to see highlights from the talk.

President Barack Obama, and GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have recently hosted hangouts as a way to talk to voters about the issues. Bob hopes his Hangouts will make as much news as theirs did. But while Obama, Romney and Gingrich have mainly answered questions asked by Hangout participants, Bob will really just be leading the conversation between the participants - much like he does during roundtables on Sunday mornings.