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Save Your Phone After Being Dropped in the Loo

I sometimes break the ice at conferences by reading a home-brewed "top ten" list of reasons to edit documents on a smartphone. I always point out that you have a new excuse for the boss: "I wrote the weekly report, but I dropped it and it broke."

Sadly, there's a lot of truth in that. About 5% of all handheld devices are lost, stolen, or just plain destroyed each year, and that includes phones that are dropped in the kitchen sink, bathroom toilet, and dosed with spilled water or coffee at the desk.

But if that ever happens to you, I've got the remedy for resuscitating your drowned phone.

Last week, MakeUseOf published a bunch of handy tips for saving a water-damaged phone. Here are the top recommendations:

Act Quickly. The longer you wait, the more likely the damage will be irreversible. Remove the cover and all detachable parts (SIM card, battery) as fast s possible.

Dry It, Stage One. Start by blotting away excess wherever wherever you see it, inside and out.

Dry It, Stage Two. Using a hair dryer, get out the water you can't reach with a paper towel or tissue. Don't get the dryer so close that you damage the phone, but be sure to blow into small holes and connections.

Dry It, Stage Three. Finally, put the phone in a warm (but not hot), dry place and let it continue to dry overnight. Be sure any water that leaked into the phone's innards has an opportunity to evaporate and leave through any small holes or access ports. Some people recommend putting the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice or cat litter -- basically, some form of natural desiccant -- during this part of the process.

Photo by ArchanaR