Save on Ink with a Free Green Font

It doesn't matter if your motive is to save the earth or to save money on consumables - either way, you're no doubt interested in tips that help you squirt less ink onto paper. And you probably already know a bunch. You know you can use n-up printing to put multiple pages on each sheet of paper, for example. But what if I could offer you a cleverly designed font that consumed up to 20 percent less ink?

It's not magic. It's the Ecofont - a free font that's based on Verdana, but drilled with holes so it uses less ink when printed.

It's a curious approach to making your printer more eco-friendly (and cheaper). At larger sizes (say, 18 point), the holes are quite apparent. But at 12 point, it's decidedly subtle. I printed the same page with Vendana and Ecofont, and my initial impression was that Ecofont was slightly fuzzy. I put both pages aside for a few hours, and when I returned later, I had trouble telling them apart.

Econfont is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and the FAQ page reminds you how to install fonts on your computer, just in case you haven't done it since you bought Print Shop Deluxe in 1996. [via cnet news]