Save At The Pump

If you start out your work week with a stop at the gas station, you're going to have to dig deeper into your pocket. The average price for a gallon of gas is up 40 cents from one month ago. For many cars, a full tank now costs well over 50 dollars.

Ray Hennessey, editor of offers up some advice on getting more for you money at the pumps.

There are many mechanical tune-ups you can do to your car for better gas mileage. But as Hennessey explains, there are also smart everyday choices you can make to keep some more money in your pocket.

First, lower the octane of gas you use in your car. "A lot of people aren't at the right octane," says Hennessey. "They always go and they get the high test when they could be at a lower octane." He also adds, "even if you have a car that's supposed to run at one of those higher octanes, this is probably a temporary blip in gas prices, and it's not going to kill the car to lower it."

Second, scope out other stations on your every day route. "Chances are you may have a station that sells for less closer to work," explains Hennessey. "Don't be afraid to shop around for brands."

And lastly, know when to cut your losses. "A lot of people will drive ten miles out of their way to save three cents a gallon on gas at a time like this," says Hennessey. "You have to put it in perspective. We aren't talking about a lot of money. Over time that builds up but right now if we think about this as a temporary rise it's really not that much out of of your pocketbook."
by Jenn Eaker