Saudi boy, 4, dies after 7-story tumble in Philadelphia

The scene where a four-year-old boy from Saudi Arabia fell to his death in Philadelphia on Oct. 18, 2016.

CBS Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - Police say a 4-year-old boy from Saudi Arabia who was visiting the U.S. for medical treatment has died after he fell from a seventh-floor apartment balcony in Philadelphia.

Police say officers and emergency responders were called to the scene around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday after the boy plunged 70 feet onto a parking lot.

He was declared dead less than an hour later at a hospital. The boy’s identity wasn’t immediately released.

Investigators say a window screen leading to the balcony was broken. A 4-foot-tall railing surrounds the balcony.

Officials say the boy’s parents were home at the time. His mother had given birth to another child several days ago.

An investigation is ongoing.

Officials say police don’t yet know what treatment the boy was seeking.

CBS Philadelphia reports the boy’s parents were present at the hospital following the accident.

“We’re not quite sure how he winds up coming over top of the balcony and onto the ground,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker. “Obviously the parents are distraught at this time.”