Sarah Palin Flying During "Bus Tour" for Book?

Former GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who has been emerging from a bus emblazoned with her name and photograph during her publicity tour for her memoir "Going Rogue," may be flying between her promotional appearances.

A blog called "Palingates," citing the flight log, first reported that Palin has apparently been traveling on a Gulfstream II 12-passenger jet from stop to stop.

Joe McGinniss at The Daily Beast then picked up the story. Before the tour, Palin's publicist had claimed that Palin would be "making two and sometimes three stops a day, traveling in a bus painted with the cover of her book." The former Alaska governor also gave interviews from the bus, driving home the notion that it was her mode of transportation for the tour.

But flight logs show that the Gulfstream jet, which costs $4,000 per hour, has been flown from stop to stop on the book tour, prompting McGinniss to speculate that she "hasn't been on the bus, except for short hops between local airports and hotels and book-signing sites."

HarperCollins did not respond to questions about who was paying for the jet or who flies on it. But Palin has acknowledged flying during at least some portion of the trip, tweeting that she "Just got off flt" on November 21st.