Sandusky victim lawyer: Penn State's role in focus now

Jerry Sandusky, right, at the courthouse
Jerry Sandusky, right, at the courthouse

(CBS News) BELLEFONTE, Pa -- The conviction of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse almost certainly won't be the end of the legal action stemming from the case.

The lawyer for Sandusky "Victim number 5" made that much clear on "CBS This Morning: Saturday."

Tom Kline, whose client took the stand in Sandusky's trial, told co-host Rebecca Jarvis, "I've made no bones about it, that now that the attention will shift away from the perpetrator, we have to look at what I call the enabler. And there's no doubt that Penn State has responsibility here, just from what we know, that's reported publicly and just from what we've uncovered in our initial investigation.

"We're looking forward very much so to the (former FBI Director Louis) Freeh report (he's heading up an internal investigation being conducted by the school) ... and we've been promised -- I've spoken with Penn State lawyers, and we've been promised that that report is going to be full and it's going to be complete. I think that's a starting point for our assessment on the civil liability here."

Kline says his client "was relieved and he was gratified" about the verdicts. "This has been one difficult ordeal," Kline added. "He's a young man; this all started with him when the police knocked on his door. He didn't want to be involved, but he decided, of course, he was going to tell the truth. He viewed this as an obligation of citizenship and now as an obligation of citizenship that is completed."

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Was his client frustrated over having to go public with what happened to him?

"Very much so. This has been a very big imposition in his life. He, like so many of these young men, had these horrible wounds buried deep within their souls, and it was there for a long time. When this all came to his door, he was living just a wonderful, good life, a Penn State grad, a wonderful, pretty young girlfriend, a wonderful supportive family. He leaned very heavily on them, very, very heavily on them throughout this entire trial to get through this. This has been an ordeal. But he recognized that this was going to take him into unfamiliar territory and unfamiliar places. He performed brilliantly."

Kline says victim Number 5 was able to get through the trial "only because of the love, care and support that he has from a wonderful family. ... His parents were in the front row. His brothers came in from California. They sat there while he had to testify about what happened to him when he was the little boy, when Mr. Sandusky cornered him in the shower and these horrible things happened to him."

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