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Sandusky judge: State must turn over boys' info

(CBS/AP) HARRISBURG, Pa - The judge in Jerry Sandusky's child sexual abuse case says state prosecutors have to turn over phone numbers or addresses for accusers to his defense attorney.

Judge John Cleland's two-page order issued Tuesday might also lead to Sandusky's lawyer getting any psychological evaluations performed on the boys who the former Penn State assistant coach is accused of abusing.

The judge is requiring prosecutors to disclose any juvenile adjudication records that might help Sandusky's lawyer attack their credibility. That doesn't apply to drug or alcohol violations.

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The order also requires requests for grand jury information to first be made to the judge that oversees the secret panel.

Defense attorney Joe Amendola has asked for more specific information about where and when alleged crimes occurred and the names of people who were present or nearby, saying they may help him develop defenses based on alibi, the statute of limitations, double jeopardy or some other grounds.

For most of the boys that Sandusky is accused of abusing, prosecutors were only able to disclose an estimate or range of dates for when they occurred, and provide only a rough idea of how old they were. Two of them remain unidentified, they said.

Prosecutors say Sandusky abused the boys at various locations, including his home and Penn State athletic facilities, meeting victims through The Second Mile, a charity for at-risk kids he founded in 1977.

Sandusky is awaiting trial on 52 criminal counts accusing him of engaging in sexual abuse of 10 boys over a 15-year period.

The former Penn State assistant football coach denies the allegations and is on house arrest.

The trial is currently scheduled to begin in mid-May.

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