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Sandra Bullock's "Coming Out" Weekend

Three months after a cheating scandal rocked her marriage, Sandra Bullock finally returned to the spotlight -- appearing on-stage twice this weekend.

So -- was the fun-loving actress as she was just a few months ago?

According to "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Samantha Harris, Bullock was as fabulous, funny and feisty as ever.

Sandra and Scarlet Lock Lips
Photos: MTV Movie Awards 2010
Photos: Sandra Bullock

Bullock attended two parties, including the MTV Movie Awards and Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards this weekend.

At the MTV Movie Awards, she received the Generation Award.

Harris reported on "The Early Show" Monday it was an emotional moment for all, as Betty White and Bradley Cooper honored the star.

White praised Bullock, saying, "You are grace defined, and I adore you madly."

Bullock's returned to public life with her sense of humor intact. She even gave Scarlett Johansson a kiss on the mouth.

And then she clarified some "facts."

Bullock joked, "No. 1: I'm not dead, No. 2: Everyone has cellulite, not just me."

Other stars also praised Bullock's appearance.

Singer Katy Perry told Harris, "I love a strong woman coming out and peacocking after a moment of silence."

Actor Zac Efron said, "I love her so much. I'm so happy she's doing well."

Paris Hilton said, "I can't imagine what she's going thru right now. But she's a really strong woman."

Bullock accepted the best actress Oscar for "The Blind Side" exactly three months ago. But her professional triumph was quickly followed by personal heartbreak when she learned her husband, Jesse James, had cheated during their marriage.

However, in three short months, much has changed for the star. She's also a new mom. Since she dropped out of the public eye, she's adopted a baby boy, Louis Bardo, as a single mom. She and James began the adoption process four years ago, after seeing the devastation left behind in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. The baby was born in New Orleans.

Her first appearance since the scandal from seclusion actually came on Saturday. She accepted an honor from the armed forces at Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards.

In her speech at the Spike TV ceremony, Bullock said, "Did I win this for being 'Entertainer of the Year,' or did I win this because of the spectacular IED (improvised explosion device) explosion that became my personal life?"

Michael Levine, a Hollywood publicist, said, "She understands in a very important way that nothing melts tension like humor."

Facing her MTV fans, Bullock pleaded for normalcy.

She joked, "Can we please go back to normal? Because therapy is really expensive! Go back to making fun of me, I don't care!"

Harris added on "The Early Show" the funny moments were numerous in what could have been an awkward evening. But Harris said Bullock's closest friends were happy to help getting things back to normal.

Former "Golden Girl" White joked with Bullock about her backless gown, saying, "Honey, don't ever wear that dress backwards!"

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