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Syria claims it shot down 2 Israeli missiles near Damascus

BEIRUT -- Syrian state-run media is reporting an Israeli attack near the capital Damascus, saying Syrian air defenses shot down two missiles. The official news agency SANA says Tuesday night's attack occurred in the countryside in Kisweh, just south of Damascus.

An official with the Iran-led axis of resistance said the strike targeted a Syrian army position and caused only material damage. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give official statements.

There was no immediate comment from Israel, which almost never confirms or denies airstrikes in Syria.

Iran has vowed to retaliate to recent Israeli strikes in Syria targeting Iranian outposts in the country.

The Israeli military said it detected "irregular Iranian activity" in Syria and put troops "on high alert for an attack" in the area near Golan Heights, BBC News reports.

The Reuters news agency reports that it was the first order to prepare shelters in the occupied Golan Heights since the beginning of the Syrian civil war.

Tuesday's reported attack took place about an hour after President Trump announced he was withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, calling Tehran a main exporter of terrorism in the region.

"In just a short period of time, the world's leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world's most dangerous weapons," Mr. Trump said from the White House. "Therefore, I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal."

Impact of U.S. withdrawal from Iran deal 05:46

The U.K., France and Germany were unable to persuade Mr. Trump to broker a side deal that would satisfy the U.S. enough to keep it a party to the 2015 agreement. Shortly before the president was to announce his decision, the leaders of those countries, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were on a call to discuss their response to Mr. Trump's announcement, CBS News' Kylie Atwood reports, citing European diplomatic sources. The response from the international community was swift.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said he has ordered the foreign minister to negotiate with the other countries that remain in the nuclear deal. In a national address from Tehran, Rouhani warned there was only a short time to negotiate with them and that his country could soon "start enriching uranium more than before."

"Iran is a country that adheres to its commitments and the U.S. is a country that has never adhered to its commitments," he said.

Iranian president on nuclear deal 07:45

CBS News' Katie Watson, Emily Tillet and Sarah Lynch contributed to this report.

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