Sad Song: Family gets into bar brawl after DJ won't play their request

(Left to right) Dorian Daye; Dion Daye, Sr.; Dion Daye, Jr.
CBS Pittsburgh
(CBS) PITTSBURGH, Pa. - I said "Play it again, Sam."

Three members of one family who apparently didn't like the playlist at a Pittsburgh bar allegedly beat up a security guard, after the DJ wouldn't play the song they requested, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

It happened at the Savoy bar in the city's Strip District, this past weekend.

Reportedly, the DJ's refusal to play the song upset the trio who were asked to leave. Punches were thrown, then objects in the bar were also thrown.

Police say 29-year-old Dion Daye Jr., who requested the song, was arrested, along with 50-year-old Dion Daye Sr. and 25-year-old Dorian Daye.

The security guard was hospitalized.

All three Daye men are charged with disorderly conduct, aggravated assault and conspiracy-aggravated assault.

A sad song indeed.