Putin burnishes tough-guy credentials, leading hockey team to lopsided victory

Despite the crisis in Ukraine and the blame Russia is getting for causing it, President Vladimir Putin showed it was just business as usual in his world, reports CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata.

Putin took to the hockey rink Saturday in Sochi with a kind of confidence that only comes when you know you simply cannot lose.

He stacked his team with former pros, but it was Putin's performance, suspiciously wide open with not one, but two hat tricks with six goals total, that led his team to a 21-4 humiliation of his opponents.

He was predictably magnanimous in victory.

"We have no winners and no losers," Putin said. "It's a friendly game, it's a show."

That show was part of a long weekend of flexing muscle, military and otherwise, as Russia celebrated Victory Day. Rows of missiles and tanks rumbled through Moscow's Red Square and tight formations of jet fighters roared overhead.

Before, Putin set off to see his newest acquisition, Crimea, where he stoked national pride by declaring it was now part of the Motherland.

State media made a big deal of Putin's big shtick in Sochi, noting it was just the latest of the 61-year-old's physical triumphs, from judo champion to bare-chested horseback riding and stroking doped up tigers to nailing the butterfly in ice cold lakes.

Gone are the days of Boris Yeltsin's hard-drinking over-enthusiasm.

Putin's grandstanding in Sochi was just a reminder of a quickly forgotten victory: his $50 billion gamble on the Winter Olympics that paid off.

Despite international criticism over Ukraine, Putin's approval ratings at home hit 80 percent in a March survey, though that may have changed recently as sanctions begin to take their toll on the economy.