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Royal wedding gossip the talk of London

Some of the best gossip about the royal wedding can apparently be found in salons.

One of the United Kingdom's biggest celebrities, "Early Show" Special Contributor Amanda Holden, a judge on "Britain's Got Talent," shared on the broadcast Monday a bit of buzz she learned from her hairdresser about the royal wedding!

Holden said, "My hairdresser -- who is never wrong -- and, in fact, is doing one of the prominent members of the royal family's hair on the actual day, has told me some amazing gossip, which is that Kate is going to be wearing Alexander McQueen on the big day."

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"Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill said, "So that was the big speculation, was it the Times who put that story out there?"

Holden said, "I've no idea who put it out there. But I've heard it from somebody who's in the know. Because I don't believe what i read in the papers. Not all the time."

Hill asked, "You believe what you hear in the salons?"

"Yes, I believe what I hear in the salons," Holden said, laughing.

Holden said she's heard the bridesmaids will wear Alex Temperley designs.

She added Chelsea Davy, Prince Harry's girlfriend, will wear her hair in an up-do.

But is Davey likely to stick around and be the next bride-to-be in the spotlight?

Holden doesn't think so.

Holden explained, "I love Harry. He's naughty. He's sexy. He's mischievous. She's all of those things, and therefore, I don't think she could be part of the royal family. I think she lacks -- I sound terrible saying this, but I think she lacks a little bit of decorum or a little bit of poise. I don't think that she will be a member of the royal family in the future."

Hill said, "Decorum seems to be something Kate Middleton has in spades. Is she going to be a little bit boring as time goes on?"

"I don't think so," Holden said. "I do love the pictures they keep getting of her at various discos, kind of grooving with Prince William on the dance floor. She's got some good moves. She's got a great figure. She's sassy. She's recently photographed walking up the High Street buying bikinis from a High Street store that you and I would go to. I like her. You know, I don't think she's stuck up. And I think that she's really contemporary. They're the right people to lead us into the next monarchy."

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Holden who has met the royal family says, "They're all very, very funny - and down to earth."

Holden also shared some insight into what Kate's bouquet will likely feature.

She said every royal wedding bouquet since Queen Victoria has contained a sprig of myrtle.

"It doesn't look much, but it was very important to Aphrodite," Holden said. "It symbolizes fertility and love, and Queen Victoria had it in her bouquet and she planted a bush and every time there's been a royal wedding there has been a clipping of that very same myrtle in a royal wedding bouquet."

Hill noted headlines in London have indicated Prince William would like to take two years to settle into married life like other royals have done. But will it actually be a quiet two years for the famous pair?

"I think it will," Holden said. "The queen went off to Greece with Philip. But I predict that there will be children. I think they'll have a baby sooner than rather than later."

Hill joked, "You know the royal bump watch starts on Saturday. Poor girl."

Holden added, "Too many pies on her honeymoon and that will be it."

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