Rosie Defends Baldwin's Angry Outburst

Rosie O'Donnell defended Alec Baldwin, who landed in hot water last week when an angry message he left for his daughter was released to the public.

"I have to admit I have cursed at my kids sometimes," O'Donnell said on "The View" Monday. She reenacted what she might say to one of her children, which prompted applause and laughs from the audience.

The voice mail Baldwin left for his 12-year-old daughter, Ireland, was released by the Web site TMZ last week and was splashed all over the Web and television. In it the "30 Rock" star called his daughter a "thoughtless little pig."

Baldwin and his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger, have been in a contentious battle over custody for several years.

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"After hearing it, tears welled up in my eyes thinking what that girl had to hear," O'Donnell's co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said on the show Monday.

"He's very much of a tortured father who feels alienated from his own child," O'Donnell said of Baldwin. "When he was doing Broadway he flew out one day a week. He's trying to connect to this kid."

"(Basinger) defies a lot of court orders for him to visit the child, which I think is making him crazy," O'Donnell continued. "Not that that's an excuse."

Hasselbeck worried about the long-term effects of the incident on Baldwin's daughter.

"Hearing something like that from your father could be potentially the worst thing you could ever hear," she said.

"He actually did go to therapy. All the things that Kim asked him to do, he did. He went to anger management. He went to — but if she — (Basinger) defied all the court orders," O'Donnell said.

When one of the hosts posed the question of whether the incident would affect Baldwin's career, O'Donnell responded, "It affects his soul."