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Rosangel Cabrera 911 Call: Miguel Cabrera Wife in Tears After "Fight"

Photo: Miguel Cabrera.

DETROIT (CBS/AP) Rosangel Cabrera, wife of Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera, called 911 in tears Saturday morning after the couple get into a "phyisical altercation," according to police in suburban Detroit.

The fight started when Miguel Cabrera had allegedly arrived home drunk, according to police.

Rosangel Cabrera called 911 at 6 a.m. Saturday.

The following is the transcript of the 911 call.
Listen to the call

Rosangel Cabrera: (Crying)

911 Dispatcher: Are there any weapons in your home ma'am?

RC: Ah?

911: Are there any weapons in your home? Guns, Knifes?

RC: No, No.

911: Has he hit you?

RC: Yes.

911: Where is he now?

RC: (Crying)

911: He's not there?

RC: Yes he is.

911: He's right there?

RC: Yes.

911: Are you upstairs or downstairs in your home?

RC: Upstairs.

911: Upstairs?

RC: Yes.

911: Will you be able to get to the door when the officers get there?

RC: Yes.

911: Can you do that?

RC: Yes.

911: I'm going to stay on the phone with you until they get there.

RC: (Crying)

911: (To Police)…There's someone with a language barrier, sounds like her husband has hit her. She's in a room upstairs; he's in the home, no weapons.

(To RC) Do you need EMS? …Mrs. Cabrera?

RC: Yes?

911: Do you need EMS?

RC: I don't understand, sorry?

911: Do you need an ambulance?

RC: No.

911: No? What's your first name?

RC: Rosangel.

911: What's your first name?

RC: Rosangel.

911: Rosanna?

RC: Yes.

911: Ok, I have cars on the way but I want to stay on the phone with you until someone gets there, Ok?

RC: Ok.

911: Where is he now?

RC: Downstairs.

911: He's downstairs, Ok. And you're still upstairs right?

RC: Yes

911: Ok, Good, I'll stay on the phone until someone gets there. I'll let you know when they are outside in front of your house so that you can speak with them when they get there, but I don't… I don't want you to go down stairs until an officer is there. OK?

RC: Ok.

911: Looks like one is a couple blocks away, he's almost there.

(To Police) 32, be advised the husband is downstairs, she is upstairs.

(To RC) Do you think your husband will open the door?

RC: (Crying)

911: Ok, If he doesn't I'll let you know when they're there so you can open the door.

RC: (Crying)

911: Has he done this before?

RC: No.

911: Has he been drinking?

RC: Yes.

911: Ok.

End of Call

Listen to the call

Rosangel Cabrera asked that her husband leave the house, so officers took him to the police station, Birmingham Police Chief Richard Patterson said. Miguel Cabrera was administered a breath test by police and registered a 0.26 blood-alcohol reading, Patterson said. The legal limit for Michigan drivers is 0.08.

Miguel Cabrera was picked up at the station by Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski around 7:30 a.m. Dombrowski declined comment Monday when contacted by The Associated Press.

October 5, 2009 - Miguel Cabrera: Police Called to Slugger's House After Drunken Wife Fight