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#RoomForManchester: Strangers offer stranded concertgoers place to stay

Possible terror attack
At least 19 dead after possible terror attack at Ariana Grande concert 01:37

Kind-hearted strangers are reaching out to Ariana Grande concertgoers to offer them a place to stay after an explosion Monday night at Manchester Arena left 22 people dead and at least 59 others injured, Greater Manchester Police say.

Shaken-up fans were left stranded after Manchester's Victoria station was evacuated and all trains were canceled. They're not expected to run Tuesday.

But it didn't take long for local business owners and residents to open up their doors to those in need, as thousands quickly took to social media using the hashtag #RoomForManchester.

Manchester Evening News -- with its more than 453,000 Twitter followers -- helped boost the trend by retweeting those who made the generous offers.

"#RoomForManchester: If you're stranded in town or can help someone who is please let us know and we'll try to help," the news station tweeted.

Nearly 1,000 people shared the post and hundreds of people commented, listing phone numbers, locations and details on how to get in touch.

Some hotels in the area also offered up couches and free rooms as survivors connected with their family members.

A Holiday Inn in Manchester confirmed early Tuesday there were no missing children relocated to the hotel, but promised to keep everyone updated.

"If you yourself have been affected by the events and are in need of a safe place you are more than welcome here at the hotel," the Manchester Holiday Inn tweeted. 

And those who didn't have a room to spare still offered to help in any way they could -- with a ride, a phone charger or even a hug.

People from around the world have used the hashtag to thank the dozens of strangers for their kind gestures.

"This thread ... We often see humanity at its best after seeing it at its worst," one user tweeted.

"When will they ever learn: Terror NEVER wins -- Humanity ALWAYS prevails," another added.

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