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Romney Ratchets Up Anti-Huckabee Rhetoric

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

STORM LAKE, IOWA -- Speaking to reporters after a town hall meeting, Mitt Romney delivered a two-for-one attack on Mike Huckabee, who has become his chief GOP rival in the state.

"At the same time [Huckabee] was raising taxes in Arkansas, he was asking taxpayers to pay for in-state tuition breaks for illegals and to give scholarships to illegals," Romney said. "And the idea of raising taxes to give benefits to illegals is something I think that Republican voters will simply reject."

Though Romney said that he didn't believe any candidate was running on the issue of faith alone, he charged Huckabee with trying to draw attention to his own Christian faith and predicted that the tactic would not be successful.

"I do think that Governor Huckabee in running an ad that says 'Christian leader' is clearly drawing attention to his faith, and I don't know that that's been done before in recent American history, where someone advertises their faith," Romney said.

"I think people welcome people of faith, but I don't think the particular denomination of faith is the basis upon which Americans choose their candidate."

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