Romney puts finishing touches on RNC speech

(CBS News) Mitt Romney is readying his speech to accept the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday night, and CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford reports he's ready for any possible changes, depending on what happens with Tropical Storm Isaac.

Romney and his wife Ann Romney are delivering two of the most important speeches this week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. Both will help introduce voters to "'Romney the man' and 'Romney the leader,'" Crawford said in a report that aired Monday on "CBS This Morning." The couple went to a local high school in New Hampshire on Sunday evening, to practice their speeches in the auditorium.

The focus will be on Romney's history as a corporate CEO, a steward of the 2002 Olympics and the former governor of Massachusetts. Additionally, Crawford reports, Ann Romney will give a "personal testimonial about Romney as a husband and a father." Showing a personal side to the presidential candidate will be important, given that polls continue to show that voters consider President Obama a more likable person.

The convention will also offer sharp contrasts between Romney and Mr. Obama. Crawford reported a shift in Romney's tone over the weekend, when he took a more aggressive tone on the campaign trail, mocking the speech Mr. Obama delivered at the Democratic convention in Denver four years ago.