Romney: Huckabee Would Make A Great VP

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

ORANGE CITY, IOWA -- Mitt Romney was asked at a town hall meeting about was why he has been making so many negative comments about Mike Huckabee lately and whether he thought the former Arkansas governor would make a good vice president.

"Sure, he's a wonderful person," Romney said. "He'd make a great vice president. But I also think that the issues that we're dealing with today are very important issues and it's important for people to understand where we stand on issues."

The event was held at Quatro Composites, a company that makes high-tech products for the U.S. military.

As members of the media entered the building, we were told to sign in and check a box indicating whether we were U.S. citizens. Katie Connolly — a Newsweek reporter of Australian citizenship — did not make the cut. She was told that International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) regulations required that non-U.S. citizens not be permitted to enter the facility. Connolly retired to the press van for the duration of the event, no doubt missing her boomerang and pet wallaby more than ever.

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