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"Roll a D6" is sweet music video for fantasy gamers

(CBS) - Growing up would you ever spend a weekend fighting off goblin lords and the undead while rescuing princesses and searching for treasure?

Okay, maybe not for real, but how about ordering some pizza, rolling some dice and playing a lengthy campaign of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons? If so (and probably even if you didn't), this is the music video for you!

The very cool video is entitled "Roll a D6", and is a clever adaptation by YouTube user "SirConnor Anderson" of Far East Movement's popular song "Like a G6".  If you want to check out the Facebook page for the song, click HERE.

And if you're wondering what my answer to the above question is, I'll let you know that I have no shame in answering "yes I did," and watching this video makes me want to start playing again.  So there.

Props to "SirConnor Anderson" and the team for bringing back some fond memories and making Dungeons and Dragons seem cool again (which it is and always was).  We here at The Feed would like to salute you all!