Rodney Berget, brother Roger sentenced to death for separate crimes in separate states

Rodney Berget, Roger Berget
Elisha Page/Oklahoma Department of Corrections via The Oklahoman,AP Photo/The Argus Leader
Rodney Berget, Roger Berget
AP/The Argus Leader, Elisha Page/Okla. Dept. of Corrections, The Oklahoman

(AP) SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Rodney Berget lives in a single cell on South Dakota's death row, rarely leaving the room where he awaits execution for killing a prison guard.

Berget isn't the first member of his family to be sentenced to death. In an unusual twist, his older brother was convicted in 1987 of killing a man for his car. Roger Berget spent 13 years on Oklahoma's death row until his execution in 2000 at age 39.

The Berget brothers aren't the first pair of siblings to be condemned. Record books reveal at least three cases of brothers who committed crimes - and got the death penalty - together.

But death row experts say the Bergets stand out because their crimes were separated by more than 600 miles and 25 years.