Rocky Times on Rocky Top

As a friend put it last night, "I thought it couldn't get any better after Pasadena." (Let me digress here for a minute: Roll Tide.) I'll say there's nothing quite like reading about an angry mob of Tennessee fans surrounding the Vols football complex last night and burning Lane Kiffin t-shirts. But after watching Kiffin's farewell press conference, where he looked like a smirky frat boy, it occurred to me that this could be, horrors, the best thing that ever happened in Knoxville. Sure, we SEC fans will miss his big mouth, his constant flirting with NCAA recruiting rules, his 7-6 record, but the Vols get rid of a "a guy who was born on third base and acts as if he hit a triple," as ESPN's Pat Forde brilliantly put it today. My guess is Robert Neyland and Bear Bryant are smiling up there. Kiffin's no SEC coach, and Tennessee deserves whatever ensuing chaos it gets in the short term for hiring him in the first place. But the PAC 10? LA? That's a much better fit for an overrated self-promoter who will turn on you on a dime. He can even hang out with Neuheisel.
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    Jan Crawford is CBS News Chief Political and Legal Correspondent. She is from "Crossroads," Alabama.