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Rocky Mountain Low?

There's still six months until November, but the Colorado candidates for Senate have decided it is time to go up on the airwaves. Both candidates went up with their first television ads of the campaign yesterday -- with nearly six months before the general election.

Former GOP Rep. Bob Schaeffer , who slightly trails Democratic Rep. Mark Udall in the polls, launched a biographical ad, where he emphasized his Colorado roots and talked about proposing to his wife on Pike's Peak - which is located in Colorado.

But the Denver Post discovered that the mountain used in the background (the ad had a sort of pop-up cardboard cutout motif) was a stock photo of Mt. McKinley - which is located in Alaska.

The Post reported that the ad would be taken down and re-touched with actual Colorado mountains, but not before Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Matt Miller gleefully rubbed it in.

"He seems to have rushed this ad, which is airing only in the two markets in the state where he's supposed to be strongest, onto the air," said Miller. "But if you're going to talk about "Colorado common sense" as Schaffer does in this ad, shouldn't you demonstrate some yourself?"

Schaffer spokesman Dick Wadhams told the Rocky Mountain News that he was "very frustrated" by the mistake and said a corrected version of the ad began airing last night.
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