Rock-Bottom Holiday Prices Using Modern Coupons

You can dramatically cut your costs for gifts, clothing, holiday essentials and entertainment this holiday season by using coupons.

And these ain't your grandmother's coupon deals, either, stressed Heather Wheeler on "The Early Show."

Wheeler, co-author of "Pick Another Lane, Honey," and co-creator of The Krazy Coupon Lady website.

This is couponing for the modern age, Wheeler pointed out, which means combing in-store and online coupons, mail-in rebates, gift card purchases and coupon codes to get rock-bottom prices.

Some of the deals can seem a little complicated, but the savings are worth the work!

According to the American Consumer Credit Council, the average American spends $935 on holiday shopping each year. But Wheeler showed viewers how to do it for far less - much less.

Last year, when users of the Krazy Coupon Lady site were polled, 57 percent of respondents said they spend $400 or less on their family for Christmas. Many were spending under $200!


"A Christmas Carol" 4-movie pack for only $4.99

Shopping at Target starts this process -- purchasing this special "A Christmas Carol" 4-Pack which is regularly $29.99, but we can get it for only $4.99 (and don't forget, you can break up the 4-pack and give the various copies to 4 different people on your holiday shopping list!) This deal is valid through 11/20. (The 4-pack includes "A Christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey on Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD and a Digital Copy - which you could put on your MP3 player.)

How did we get it for only $4.99 at Target?

First, we logged onto Disney's Movie Rewards site and printed out this special $10 off coupon for Disney Go Rewards Members (membership is free. You just have to sign up: $10.00/1 - Disney's A Christmas Carol 4 Pack Combo Packs - (

That lowered our cost to $19.99, but we didn't stop there. We then submitted 2 mail-in rebates. One for $5 at a popcorn seasoning's website and another rebate for $10 on the Butterball website. Both of these rebates require other purchases, the rebate forms and upc codes from the movie's packages.
Final cost is $4.99 for the 4-pack!

The rebates:

$5 rebate when you buy Kernel Popcorn Seasoning and A Christmas Carol on Blu-Ray & DVD

$10.00 Rebate when you buy Butterball Turkey and a Christmas Carol Blu-Ray or DVD

Sony Blu-Ray player for only $59!

Here's how to get a Sony Blu-Ray player, which regularly costs $199.99 for only $59 (plus shipping + handling)! Basically by buying 5 eligible Blu-ray combo packs, you can unwrap a great gift for the entire family. The Sony Blu-ray player features full HD 1080, DVD playback, BRAVIA Internet Video streaming, 3D Blu-ray Disc playback capability, iPone/iPod touch remote control and Quick Start / Quick Load, Wi-Fi adapter ready.
More information can be found at Disney's Sony Blu-Ray Promotions Page

How did we do it?

You can use "A Christmas Carol" (from our last deal), then you just need 4 other titles. There are 20 Disney Movies to choose from. Once you have your 5 eligible movies, you log onto the Disney's Movie Rewards site again and enter in the "Magic Codes," (which are similar to upc codes on the back of the movie cases). Then the site will take you to the ordering page - $59 plus shipping and handling. This deal is valid from 11/10/10 - 1/31/11 and while supplies last.

There are 20 eligible Blu-Ray titles that work for this deal:

A Christmas Carol
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Santa Paws
Alice & Wonderland (Johnny Depp)
Beauty & the Beast
Prince of Persia
Toy Story 3
Toy Story 2
Toy Story 1
A Bugs Life
Monsters, Inc
Camp Rock 2
Cars: Mater's Tall Tales
The Crimson Wing
Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure
Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue

7 Books for $7 each!

Books make great holiday gifts! And knowing where and when to buy them will offer you the lowest prices. We got these 7 best-sellers, a $155.79 value, by only spending $50.66 (making each book roughly $7.23 cents, plus tax!) Borders is also a great place to shop because they discount many of their books. For example "Eat, Pray, Love" list price is $15 , but Borders offers it for only $8.06.

How did we do it?

First, head to Borders and purchase a $50 gift card (which you won't give away, but spend on your own later purchase.) By buying a $50 gift card, you'll receive a free $10 gift card. (You need be a Borders member, but signing up is free.)

We then bought 7 best-sellers.

Here's our shopping cart:

Eat, Pray, Love $8.06 ($15 list price)
The Confession hardcover by Grisham $15.48 ($28.95 cover price)
Stop Dressing your Six Year Old like a Skank $13.95 (-33 percent off coupon)
Light From Heaven $5.99 ($26.95 list price)
The Sixth Target $5.99 ($27.99 list price)
A Lion Among Men $6.99 ($26.95 list price)
Inside of a Dog $8.80 ($16.00 list price)

Our subtotal was $60.66 (saving $95.13 off of list prices)/ We then used our $50 gift card and our $10 gift card. And we used a 33 percent coupon (which is valid on one full price item.) and applied it to one of the books. That gave us a grand total of $50.66 + tax (which makes each book roughly $7.23 cents, plus tax!) (a value $155.79)

Yearly Magazine Subscription for roughly 33 cents an issue!

Various magazines (Elle, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Men's Health)

Magazine subscriptions make great holiday gifts (no one really likes to buy magazines for him or herself. Knowing where and when to buy them will offer you the lowest prices. Head to and use online coupon code to save even more!
How did we do it?

Log on to, check out the magazine subscriptions that are $4.69. Then use Coupon Code: PXCJ1114 to take an extra 15 percent off, making them $3.98 which makes this Elle Magazine, for example, each issue roughly 33 cents an issue!)

Bargain bonus tip: Each day, one magazine is discounted on their site further to $4.39/year. For that, you can use discount code: PXCJ1114 and get it for only $3.73. All below magazines $4.69 each, everyday price:
Elle (12 issues / yr)
Harper's Bazaar (11 issues / yr)
Men's Fitness (10 issues / yr)
Marie Claire (12 issues / yr)
Parents (12 issues/ yr)
Seventeen (10 issues / yr)
Woman's Day (15 issues / yr)

For word on deals on clothing, holiday essentials and entertainment, go to Page 2.