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Roberts Reflects On Her 20s

In Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts plays a woman who has left three men standing at the altar; Richard Gere portrays a reporter who comes to town to get her story. And, as CBS This Morning Contributor Eleanor Mondale reports, they find true love in the process.

While Roberts agrees that women sometimes fear commitment as much as men do, she says her character in the new movie is not so easily categorized.

"It's a little more complicated than fear of commitment," explains the actress. "I think she hasÂ…rabid fears all over the place that she's not able to nail down. She doesn't mean to do all this stuff. She just can't help herself."

Roberts, 31, is still a "pretty woman" 10 years after she first co-starred with Gere. But, she says, she's a pretty different woman now, having passed through her 20s in the intervening years.

"That's a huge change," says Roberts. "In every way that a person changes and evolves in the 20s, that's all the ways I've changed."

It should come as some comfort to those who dislike watching themselves on video that Roberts says she finds it "horrifying" when she sees television programs that chronicle her physical changes over the years.

She happened to catch herself on a TV documentary recently. "And there I was, suddenly. Moon-faced, out to there....I was horrified at how different I looked."

Runaway Bride is being released at a time of what some are calling runaway star salaries. With her next picture, Roberts will become the first woman to join that rarefied boys' club, earning a paycheck of $20 million. But, to Roberts, it seems, it is all business.

"I don't attach feelings to money," she says flatly. "Oh, it's nice to be able to pay my rent. There's no denying that. There's a luxury to standing in a grocery line and not having a complete anxiety attack as you're waiting, counting up the things and thinking, 'OK. I know I'm going to be at least $4 short here' and freaking out about it."

"There's no denying that I live [in] a privileged environment. [But] there is absolutely no emotion in the world that I can attach to a green piece of paper. It doesn't exist to me," she says.

[To see the official Web site for Runaway Bride, click here.]

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