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Robert De Niro storms out of Radio Times interview

Robert De Niro is not doing this, darling.

That's what he reportedly told a reporter after he accused her of interviewing him with "a negative inference."

The actor was sitting down to chat about his new film, "The Intern," with reporter Emma Brockes when things apparently went wrong.

Brockes told the Independent that she asked De Niro how he stops himself from going on "autopilot" when he's acting, and then followed that with a question on how he feels about Tribeca's overwhelming banker population.

That's when De Niro decided he'd had enough.

"He then pops up out of his chair, starts pacing madly and says he's cutting short the interview because of the 'negative inference' of what I just said," Brockes told the Independent. "'What, about the bankers?!' I am amazed. 'All the way through,' says De Niro. 'All the way through. Negative inference.' 'Er, like where else?' 'The whole way through and I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it, darling.'"

Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Leonardo ... 00:35

Brockes explained to De Niro that all she meant to do was ask him about his acting methods, but De Niro insisted she was talking with a "negative inference."

"You're probably not even aware that you're doing it," he said, according to Brockes. "The negative inference."

Brockes noted that De Niro did not actually walk out right away, because he was waiting for his handlers. She admitted that she continued arguing with him and told him she found him to be condescending.

She said De Niro answered, "Oh, you think 'darling' is condescending?"

At least he didn't say "You talkin' to me?"

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