Roadside's Fried Bologna

bologna fried frying pan stove
Ohio has as many classic stories as it does unique food attractions. The latest CBS Sunday Morning Roadside made a stop in Waldo, Ohio.

There, fried bologna sandwiches are the biggest draw in the middle of the town's local institution, G&R Tavern. The 35-year-old pub on Mario Street attracts loyal customers from miles around who enjoy the "world famous bologna" – maybe the biggest you have ever seen.

It is not the thin, packaged bologna people normally want to forget from childhood, as a waitress explains. This one-of-a-kind bologna is sliced thick as hamburgers and the logs of meat are made just for the restaurant.

To make everybody happy is impossible. But G&R Tavern pushes the limit. Mary Blevins, co-owner of the pub, says they will change the flavor attending to individual's needs.

Nevertheless, most people come for the same toppings – jack cheese, pickles and onions.

"What makes it good is from the heat of the grill," says Ms. Blevins. "It really fries [the sandwich] very crispy on both sides."

No highbrow stuff, it is just simple and solid food at "country" prices. But sometimes, that's where to find the real food, not to mention a nice drive on the country road. And, customers say, they can never have enough of it.