Rielle Hunter Talks About Edwards Affair

John Edwards' mistress says she didn't want him to run for president and considered it "reckless" to stay in the race after his wife's cancer returned.

Rielle Hunter said in an interview with GQ released Monday that she and Edwards have been in love from February 2006 until now. Hunter said she told him he shouldn't run. She suggested he at least wait until April 2007 because her intuition and astrology suggested he would have a difficult first three months of the year.

Elizabeth Edwards' cancer returned in March of that year. Hunter said John Edwards wanted to exit the race but that Elizabeth Edwards wanted to stay in. Hunter said, "I was shocked. I really viewed it as reckless."

John and Elizabeth Edwards are now separated.

On Friday, a former Edwards aide avoided jail again in a dispute over a tape that allegedly shows the past presidential candidate and his lover in a sexual encounter.

Superior Court Judge Abraham Penn Jones ruled that Andrew Young was not in contempt of court for his accounting of how he handled items that Hunter is seeking.