Rielle Hunter Photoshoot, GQ Responds: She Knew What She Was Doing

Rielle Hunter
Patrick McMullen
Rielle Hunter
Rielle Hunter
Patrick McMullen

NEW YORK (CBS) In response to Rielle Hunter's allegations that she was misled by a GQ photographer during a photo shoot for the magazine, editor-in-chief Jim Nelson tells Crimesider to go to the tape.

"We're not surprised that both our interview with Rielle Hunter and the photographs that accompany it would elicit strong reactions," Nelson said Wednesday. "I have no idea how she feels about the photos, but I think you can see how comfortable she was at the shoot by watching the video posted at"

A day after she saw the final layout for the 10,000 word article, where Hunter discusses her affair with former senator john Edwards and the possible criminal charges against ex-aide Andrew Young, Hunter apparently called Barbra Walters crying, calling the photos "repulsive."

Hunter said that she was under the impression that the bulk of the photos that would accompany the article would be headshots, which one or two being sexy body-baring shots.

Responding to Hunter's allegations that she knew nothing about the campaign money being funneled to her for her silence Andrew Young called her statements "ridiculous," according to ABC News.

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