Rielle Hunter-John Edwards Sex Tape: Dirty Details on Daily Beast

Rielle Hunter
Patrick McMullen
Rielle Hunter
Rielle Hunter
Patrick McMullen
NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Dirty details of John Edwards' sex tape have surfaced via The Daily Beast, based on accounts from multiple people who have seen it with their very own eyes.

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"It's not just the raw nature of the video, but its context... that makes it so damning," reports The Daily Beast.

A medical source who has seen the tape confirmed that Rielle Hunter, the mistress of the former presidential candidate, appeared to be four or five months pregnant in the video.

Other sources claim Edwards performed oral sex and was "graphically performing for the camera," which Hunter was holding, says The Daily Beast.

PICTURES: Rielle Hunter

In her first public comments - made to GQ Magazine - since she became known as Edwards' other woman in 2008, Hunter didn't provide any details of their current status but said Edwards is a great father who wants to be there full-time for their daughter, now 2.

"I know he loves me," Hunter told GQ in an interview released Monday. "I have never had any doubt at all about that."

Hunter also posed for photos for GQ that show her on a bed, barelegged in a man's white dress shirt and a pearl necklace. In another shot, she's lying on her back holding her daughter in her arms.

Edwards hired Hunter to work as a campaign videographer in 2006 as he plotted his second run for president. The former North Carolina senator's political action committee paid her video production firm more than $100,000. Federal investigators have been looking into Edwards' campaign finances, with former aide Andrew Young saying a grand jury questioned him for hours about the large sums of money that changed hands during the period that he helped cover up the affair.

"They asked a lot of questions about the sex tape," Hunter said.

She has sued Young for invasion of privacy, seeking the return of the videotape.

Young said in a statement Monday that he has a lot of empathy for what Hunter is going through.

"I hope she and Johnny and Elizabeth and their families can find happiness so that we all can move on with our lives," he said.

PICTURES: Rielle Hunter GQ Photoshoot

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