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Richard Simmons' zany take on airline safety (VIDEO)

(CBS) - Get ready for more florescent lycra than you've seen since the eighties!

High-octane, fitness guru Richard Simmons is back - starring in "Fit to Fly," the latest airline safety video from Air New Zealand.

Mixed in with bedazzled outfits and jazzercise, Simmons instructs airline passengers on how to safely ride in a plane.

What do you do when your oxygen mask falls down?

Well, "it's time to take a breather," Simmons says.

What if there's an emergency landing?

Do "the duck!" Simmons cries.

The duck is a seated position, flat-feet, head down - not to be confused with "the pony," which is just another dance move in the video.

This isn't the first time Air New Zealand has come out with a zany air safety video.

Their video "Bare Essentials," starring a naked flight crew decked out in body paint, has over six million views on YouTube.

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